The Ward Cabaret

A musical tour de force that is a Canadian cross-cultural origin story par excellence!

This musical-theatrical production propels audiences into the extraordinary sounds, stories and people of The Ward – the long-gone Toronto neighbourhood where street hawkers, organ grinders and itinerant musicians co-mingle, with the heavenly strains of a choir spilling out of the open windows of the African Methodist Church as well as with the Eastern modes of Goel Tzedec Synagogue’s cantor; where opera of both the Italian and Cantonese kind is heard in the most unlikely places; where blues and jazz rolls into the street from a basement speakeasy and vaudeville performers tread the boards at Shea’s Hippodrome. Welcome to The Ward, Canada’s first multicultural neighbourhood, home to Blacks, Jews, Italians and Chinese, living where it was “dirty, crowded, dangerous… and full of life!

Visit The Ward Cabaret’s dedicated website at wardcabaret.com.