Creative Pathfinders

Creativity Method for

Emerging Artists & others

The pathway of creativity can be explored and strengthened through a suite of processes and practices–tools for navigation through the creative life–and that David has developed, used and taught in many diverse contexts. In a grounded, practical way this work addresses the questions: “How can I develop my own, unique vision and how can I translate that vision into action?”

“As a result of this year-long mentorship with David I gained new experience, tools and techniques that have helped me focus and develop my creativity and my music practice, taking me into new territory. Furthermore, as an artist I realized the power of my personal story and how to bring it into my creation and my communication. The one-on-one work with David was transformative.”

— Leen Hamo - Aleppo, Syria/Toronto, Canada

One-on-one Creative Pathfinders mentorship

An education in the arts, for all of its intensity, complexity and many challenges (including the opportunity of developing your own voice) often misses the work to engage emerging artists in an exploration of their fundamental creativity. Fundamental in this case means “below the level of a particular discipline”, e.g. music, working with creativity as the universal faculty that allows all human beings to navigate the pathway between the “inner” (realm of exploration, inspiration, dreams, and the underlying forces of universal creation) and the “outer” (realm of compositions, creations, projects, ensembles, business, self-promotion and other people’s work). 

This methodology works as a support to  arts-centered training programs or an ongoing artistic practice. It also delivers great results in group and team-building experiences in a wider corporate and organizational context. It works with elements of personal and cultural Story, by marshaling the power of attention, by opening a conversation with the inner voice we all have, and by creating connection across boundaries. It may be experienced in a one-off workshop, a workshop series or an ongoing mentorship. 


Creative Pathfinders for Emerging Artists and as a Source of Innovation

Creative Pathfinders works equally well for musicians, artists of all disciplines, and anyone engaged in work requiring vision and innovation. David has brought Creative Pathfinders to students and emerging artists at educational institutons such as the New School in New York through their Stone Workshops, to individual artists in structured mentorships, and in curated sessions in corporate settings. Koerner Hall in Toronto commissioned him to lead the development of the cross-cultural musical project that eventually became Kuné, which he accomplished using the tools of Creative Pathfinders. To connect the Aga Khan Museum with its surrounding community on the occasion of its opening, he lead a CP workshop including the students of the Regent Park School of Music and Yo Yo Ma and his Silk Road Ensemble. He was the workshop leader at an “interdisciplinary, cross-cultural event fostering participatory culture, drama/theatre as tool for social transformation” in Cluj, Romania. He is currently developing a series of online Creative Pathfinder modules.

Please get in touch to find out more about bringing the power of Creative Pathfinders to your students, your colleagues, or yourself.

“David Buchbinder led an excellent and inspiring workshop for the participants of the Stone Workshops at the New School. I recommend him highly!”

—Richard Kessler, Executive Dean, College of Performing Arts

New School and Mannes School of Music

 Focus on Performance, Composition and Cross-Cultural Creation

David’s extensive experience as a composer/ creator/ producer, mean that he is able to shape his workshops to fit your desired focus. The suite of tools within the Creative Pathfinders methodology can be paired with a specific focus on performance, composition, creative project development and management. Connect with David to find out more about what he can bring to your students, collaborators or team.

Corporate and Not-for-Profit Team Building Workshops

David has brought Creative Pathfinders to audiences and participants in the corporate and not-for-profit world, including Artscape, the Ontario Nonprofit Network and others. He is currently developing a pilot project for a division of one of the most significant Fortune 500 companies, and is engaged in developing Creative Pathfinder modules that will be effective in a corporate setting.